In 1995 VRML, or Virtual Reality Modeling Language, was introduced and a wave of interest in developing online 3D worlds, spaces, interfaces, and art ensued. It was a heady time, with so much hype on one side and crude bleeding edge technology on the other. In the midst of it, sites like Web3DArt and MacWeb3D supported communities of creative developers. Novel interfaces, rich theory, and art work that literally broke reality apart was the order of the day. In that light, we hope to share past lessons and inspire future designers. This site is dedicated to old friends who ran those early community sites; Viveka Wiley, Michael Louka, Karel Dudesk, Martin Schmitt, Kathy Rae Huffman, the many artists of that early period, and all the new friends and artists of this current generation.

The Name:

  • Isovista - From Isovist: the volume of space visible from a given point in space, a method of space syntax.
  • Hayfield - An honest landscape, fresh foundational ground to grow on.


  • 1999 Avatar as Content Delivery Platform, Web3D Round-Up, ACM SIGGRAPH
  • 2004 Bespace: The Immersive Darwin Lecture, Art Gallery, ACM SIGGRAPH
  • 2009 Magic Classroom, Web3D Showcase, ACM SIGGRAPH
  • 2010 Virtual Artshow, 15th ACM Web 3D Symposium, co/SIGGRAPH
  • 2014 Isovista, Virtual Exhibition & Catalogue, Curating the Digital Workshop, ACM CHI
  • 2014 Isovista, Opening Show, Online
  • 2015 Isovista, LCC formed
  • 2015 Web3Dfest Show
  • 2015 Provisional Patent Filed


  • Dr. Stephen Guynup - Director
    Portfolio Website
  • Adam Walker - Assistant Director
  • Johanna Gibson - Assistant Director

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