Let's talk about what works.

Virtual reality is a huge domain filled with diverse viewpoints, hundreds of technical flavors, and far too much hype.
I'll help you sort it out. We will talk about your needs and compare that to what others are doing.
Equally important, we will talk about what others aren't doing and why.

The real key is doing what motivates you, because VR is work. Initial conversation and general questions are free.

Services offered include:

Direct Research - I'll search my contacts, resources, and your suggestions to provide you with facts.
Brainstorming - Need new ideas and creative solutions that fit your goals, a long list of options can be drafted.
Project Planning - Software, hardware, personnel, marketing, and funding, we'll go step by step through them.
Prototyping - Small scale projects suitable for personal use, testing, and pitching for funding are on the table.
UX/UI Studies - Need testing and evaluation, we can create a study that makes sense and gets to the core of things.
. . . .  and also
Workshops - Go to our sign up page and learn a 5 hour, 5 week class where you get hands on in VR and your project

Interested, just reach out and we'll talk.
Email Dr. Steve Guynup - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.