Below are links to our current sites:


Isovista Classroom
Our classroom & presentation space. If a presentation or discussion was announced - this is the place. The early work here began as a stage for virtual poetry readings done with shape shifting avatars. The teacher replaced the poet and the space evolved to support the class and diverse educational materials being shared. Sadly, as we are creating reality and not copying it - the true mechanics needed by this approach are outside the abilities of VRChat / Unity 3D (and the Unreal) engine. The basics do work and we hope you see the potential :)

Isovista Art Gallery [Alpha]  
The 2014 Gallery, orginally built for Jibe from the Reaction Grid. It was later adjusted to suit the Oculus Rift DK1 and also Google Cardboard.

Images from the classroom and past efforts are on Dr. Guynup's Isovista page