Download Free Educational Assets.

These assets are free and shareable
The GLB files are designed for FrameVR, but will work with Mozilla Hubs.
The FBX files can be imported into Unity (VRChat - Altspace - Sinespace), Unreal, & Sansar.

If you have new ideas or potential improvements - please reach out.
If the educational assets is something others can use (and is simple) we'll make it.

If you'd like to support this effort, it'd be appreciated - See our story here and on Go Fund Me
Custom assets are possible for a fee.

Res Pano1 This is a 3D model whose image you can replace with your own equirectangular panoramic image. Its useful for anyone having issues with FrameVR's clever, but akward 360 image approach. Be sure to read the enclosed guide.

Panorama Kit GLB
Res Class1

Classroom or Flight Deck - Where do you want to teach or present? This is modular set of models you can arrange to suit your needs. Note that the images shown to the left and the images in space are all in the same presentation. Be creative!

Class Space GLB | Class Space FBX

 Res Board1

Use space to shape dicussions. Ask your audience to stand on thier answers. Pair with a video screen and explore Spawn Point buttons help folks to move into position.

Quiz Boards GLB | Quiz Boards FBX

 Res Maze1

Need an open gallery space, escape room, or more exploratory story maze? These spaces my be helpful. Galleries lay out information on paths, try that here using the branching paths as decision points.

Story Maze Kit GLB | Story Maze Kit FBX

Res Button1

Menus and buttons are tricky in FrameVR. Use our menu help folks click through Scenes. For general 2D panel use, layout all your buttoms | links on the image, then place our transparently bounded models for individual links.

Buttons & Menu GLB

Live (small scale) example models are here: