The Aleph Project

Artist: Maurice Clifford, United States,

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"He indicated that an Aleph is one of those points in space containing all points"

A work by Maurice P. Clifford with Paul Jorgensen and Mick O'dowd the aleph project is a VRML based presentation of 60 virtual spaces originating from a dynamic process This dynamic is a collision of the virtual and the actual……that is, of events / performances, which combines virtual and material objects / events. Through a type of simultaneity, or temporal collage , these elements are folded back on themselves to create new events and objects of which this CD is one. The work on this disk is best view in a type of artist " CAVE" or installation in a performance context which creates an immersive experience for the viewer , but can be experience from the internet or directly from this disk, as well.

Editor's Critique

Maurice was painter, not a technology buff or creative gadfly. His work is rooted in a revelatory experience he had in 1970. For years he expressed himself on canvas until one day he discovered VRML through friends in Atlanta. 3D space, virtual reality - finally he had a medium that truly suited his vision. There is then an organic honesty in his virtual paintings. I consider him the first real painter of virtual reality. I've seen some SL painters who work on flat rectangles with faux gilded frames. It's not the same. Maurice took his painting, his vision gently, into 3D. His work was transparent, translucent, often softly animated, and layered upon simple geometric forms. The movement, energy, and immersion that many modern painters desire was made manifest in his works.

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