Artist: Larry Rosenthal, United States,

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     3DXplorer was an entirely browser-based virtual meeting space. It was multiuser, with attendees being represented by customizable avatars. While the service was also used for business meetings, presentations, and the like, the Expo Hall was designed to support vendors in the same way a real exhibition space would. The venues were cloud-based, being either permanent or time limited.

     The hall was organized around alleys formed between vendor booths. Regardless of the products being presented, the booths were of equal size with company logos differentiating them one from another. To enter a booth, attendees would click on the representative entryway image beneath the logo. Here they would see multimedia information about the vendor's product. A live representative, also interacting through an avatar, would be present to answer further questions. The products themselves could be virtually handled through interactive 3D displays.

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