ArtFest 4 / Eclectic Diversity

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Artfest is an ongoing charity art event in Second Life, with 100% of proceeds going to disaster relief agencies. Artfest 4 supports the Red Cross / Red Crescent. Participation is fairly open. Artists are asked only to build on the island, rather than elsewhere and move the work when finished. The reason is two fold: the construction of the work becomes part of the show, and to encourage visitors to return and see the process. In addition to the artistic installations there's also a bazaar for artists to sell other works. The overall layout is that of small island dotted with works by artistic and charitable people.


Editor's Critique

There is something nice about this project. For me it was a reminder of the real world art fairs and festivals that take place in small towns everywhere. There is a community here and in Second Life as a whole. Wrapped in a sense of charity and community, the layout and works themselves have almost a digital follk art vibe. Works are placed more or less where they'd fit. The island only slightly tweaked to support there presentation - a little flatness here, a bit of water (like a stream) dividing things there.

Given my tendency to visit more structured / designed spaces - this was refreshing.

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