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There is a deep connection between science fiction, science, and VR.

"Science Fiction is the tool that allows humans to 'explore' worlds that our technology does not yet enable, the emerging set of Virtual Reality tools will allow a broader set of participants to help create and experience those worlds in an immersive fashion".

Lucien Parsons - Director | Mixed/Augmented/Virtual Reality Innovation Center (MAVRIC), University of Maryland - College Park (UMD)
or more directly
"First you dream about it with Science Fiction, next you let others experience your dreams with Virtual Reality, finally you build it and we call it Science!"

Sandy Ressler - High Performance Computing and Visualization Group | NIST

yet there's also the indirect

"In early cinema, magician, and A Trip to the Moon, creator Georges Méliès discovered he could cut film to create new fantastic effects and new meaning. That initial editing of reality helped set in motion a new visual language of Jump-Cuts, Close-Ups, Flash-Backs, and Parallel Editing. Today's VR is very much an immersive design language, a literal world of signs & symbols. Science fiction & fantasy (especially in the context of video games) are unlocking VR's potential in ways that most developers don't quite grasp - yet"

Steve Guynup - Director | Hayfield Isovista, award winning VR artist and theorist

and that potential hinges on our human story

"Any science fiction I've seen includes human story. I believe this is because Sci-Fi is often about how human-thinking beings would live and communicate in a space we imagine and create.

Virtual Reality is a powerful medium to deliver ideas in this context. In VR, you see imagined objects and environments as if they are in the space around you. It helps designers feel how these objects interact at a human scale and define the spatial relationship between the objects. The designer becomes a storyteller who builds a new reality."

Kyungmin Han - UX Designer | Gravity Sketch


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