VR Starship Beta Competition

As this a Beta Competition, there are only 3 competition classes.
Winners in each class will receive 200.00 USD and 2 passes to the Escape Velocity 2020 Conference
2nd and 3rd Place winners will have their names and work shared in the exploratory gallery along with the 1st place winners.
To support good work, a number of honorable mentions will be created.
All winners will have themselves and their work promoted globally.

Winners must meet and follow any legal conditions set by their country, state, province, or town.
Young designers, age 13 & under, are asked to get parental consent.

Submissions are limited to 1 per person.
Please choose your best work and make any adjustments required by the FBX format and 64 megabyte limit.

Submitters retain all commercial rights to their models and imagery, while allowing the following:
Isovista & the Museum of Science Fiction are free to place submissions in a virtual gallery and to share models for the purposes of gallery design research.
Imagery of starships, submitted or taken of the model, can be used by Isovista & the Museum of Science Fiction for educational, promotional, and fund raising purposes.
Videogame, film, 3D printed, and other uses not listed above require seperate authorization of the submitter.

Contest Questions and Media Contact can be made through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Competition Classes

There are 3 competition classes.
They are all size related*

-              Small Ship 20 meters or less
-              Medium Ship 20-80 meters.
-              Large Ship 80 meters or greater.

This size represents the longest axis of the starship. It can refer to length, width, height, or all 3.  
Additional subclasses, honorable mentions, may be created at the discretion of the judges.

The term Starship extends to all classes of stellar and interstellar travel.
Suborbital craft are also acceptable.

* Size classes where chosen to allow the greatest diversity in ship type
Size also relates to the latter challenge of gallery presentation


The competition participants will be evaluated by a volunteer panel of VR designers, teachers, and artists.  Competitors will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

-              1-10 points Craftsmanship
               Work should show mastery of the tool and attention to both overall form and subtle detail

-              1-10 points Visual Impact
               Work, its visual composition, should make an impression on the judges

-              1-10 points Design Clarity
               The visual design should connect to the design statement

Submission Requirements

All starships should be wholly created by the submitter, who holds all rights to its form, textures, and decals. They can be entirely new or belong to any current science fiction universe. They can reflect the style of a given fictional race, but they should be unique as well. They cannot be a copy or a minor variant of an existing starship.  

Each submission should include 8 images of the ship, a model, and a design statement.


-              8 images of the VR Starship
               1 front view
               1 side view

               1 3/4  view
               2 close up shots to showcase detail
               2 beauty shots of the artist’s choosing
               1 screenshot (or cellphone picture of your monitor) showing your model in your VR software.*
               JPG, GIF, PNG format

Images should be of print quality, but not over 40 megabytes total (for all 8)
Creative environments (overly dark / bright / hazy - if wanted) are for beauty shots only

-              A World Ready (Game-Ready) Model
               FBX files only are acceptable, 64 megabytes or less**
               Work needs to be in meters and to scale
               Mesh Topology, Optimization, & Texture use are factors for Craftsmanship

The submission should be the starship alone. Scenes will not be accepted.

* This competition is for VR tools, but we accept that optimizing / minor refinement in a separate tool might be needed. To help keep things fair, please be to sure to share an image model in the software. If your VR modeling tool doesn't allow for screencaptures, share a cellphone camera shot of your monitor showing work.
** This a beta competition, geared to a VR gallery presentation. While there are benefits to other formats and larger files, FBX only ensues the simplest and most usuable path for now.

-               Design Statement 3-4 paragraphs highlighting your design inspiration.
                Connection to existing science fiction universe (if any)
                Purpose of ship (smuggler, fighter, etc)
                Technology employed (bio-tech, warp drive, rockets, etc)
                The submission form has a window for this text (1000 words max)

Provide enough detail to allow the judges to appreciate your design process. Statements longer than a single page will not be read. If you have a backstory, you may include a URL.

Young designers under the age of 13, please get parent consent before submitting work
Parental Consent Form

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