Virtual Reality, its a large subject with a long history. We are in the process of creating immersive presentations and educational spaces that provide deeper understanding to those designing immersive 3D virtual worlds, spaces, environments, interfaces, and realities.  This page is being used to share work in progress, organize ideas, and gather feedback.

At the moment, this page holds one project in 3 formats, List, Text, & Video
A 4th format, live multiuser VR presentation by Dr. Guynup, is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Top "X" Lists are often used to get attention, but they also seem to double as the most immediate research tool for our emergent medium.
Below then is our "Nine Virtual Galleries Every Designer Should Know" List :)

If you really want to know more, scroll down to an hour, twenty minute video.
....its a presentation on VR design & art galleries, recorded live in our VR classroom



Second format, a MS Word doc

The Design of VR Art Galleries (Download Draft Text)
… reality | a study of space, story, & interaction

This text is posted here in part for feedback. Updates to a number of sections and a closing discussion on the Isovista Gallery are coming.
This version has more detailed information on cinema & game design than the video version below.


The third format, video recording of a live demo

This VR presentation was created for "Art Teleported 2019", a digital arts conference focused on XR and issues of community.
It is the combination of 3 onground class presentations and will be broken apart in upcoming online classes.
This version then is conceptually dense and is best viewed live in VR.


Supporting materials can be found on the theory page
Andre Bazin's : Myth of Total Cinema (Film as VR)
Sergei Eisenstein's : Film Form (Adapting literary compositional tools to cinema)
Steve Guynup's : Unwrapping VR through the Myth of Total Cinema (Ties things together)



The pages on classes, projects are still being set up on this site.
More specific details on this work is here