Virtual Art & Innovative Space
an online studio art internship
Dates June 7th to August 2nd (8 weeks)

Submission Deadline May 22nd

This project is based on online Special Topic classes previous taught at the Art Institute. In a course-like structure, interns will individually create installation-based works of virtual art. They will learn about virtual reality in an online virtual reality / web3D class space.

Good 3D modeling skill and a desire to push of the boundaries of creative expression is required. Unity and VRChat are the primary virtual tools. 3DS Max is the preferred modeling software, but Maya & Blender are also acceptable. There is no programming and no prior experience in Unity is needed. A windows PC is needed, access to a VR Headmounted Display (HMD), Vive, Rift, or Quest (cabled to a PC) is helpful. University students, Juniors, Seniors, & recent Graduates are preferred. Past and current students have come from the University of Moscow Idaho, University of Baltimore, Alfred State, & Miami University.

Interns will study works of virtual art, examine current trends, and tour as a group several online multiuser gallery spaces. Interns will also participate in a pair of immersive webinars that will expose them to VR design history and theory, which will broaden their understanding of the virtual. They will expand their technical 3D modeling skills.

The overarching project goal is to study and improve online teaching practices in the virtual and advance the design of spaces that facilitate the sharing of information.

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These internships are unpaid
. The primary task for each intern is expanding their own personal skillset and ability to create reality anew. Self expression is key. The benefit for Dr Guynup lies in the teaching experience, the testing of new virtual materials, and the simple pleasure of working with individuals who want to learn. Depending on their university, interns may be able to secure college credit hours for their participation, but there is a serious catch. Universities typically bill students for credit hours, even if those hours are off campus in an internship.

The technical skillset needed is simply strong 3D modeling skills. 3D Modeling is not specifically taught. 3DS Max is preferred as that matches Dr. Guynup's skills, but Maya and Blender are also accepted. The caveat is that Dr. Guynup will be less helpful in problem solving for Maya & Blender. The work will be shared in VRChat which runs on the Unity game engine. VRChat does not allow custom coding and moreover it requires users to have 50+ hours of inworld exploration before they can create their own worlds. Because of this, no programming will be possible.

On the creative side, a desire to push boundaries, to be open to new ideas of expression and storytelling is needed. An appreciation of poetry is helpful. Among the ideas we'll explore is that reality and realism are not goals, but tools. They are tools we use to create belief and behavior in our users. We will dicuss the mashing of narratives to allow for innovative outcomes and posit our installations as game levels in miniature.

This is 100% online. Class meeting times will be determined by the group. Start date is June 7th and runs 8 weeks to August 2nd. Interns must be self-starting and self managing. Dr. Guynup and the internship team will discuss the viablity of each proposed art installation. While pride and determination to create large works is valued, the ability to self edit and follow a simple clever path is equally respected.  A successful internship requires steady progress on each interns indivdual project. Completed works will be shared at conferences and events. Incomplete works will not. Past shows include Serious Play, ACM CHI, DiGRA, Escape Velocity, Art Teleported, Sloan C, & ACM SIGGRAPH.  The original iteration was for the Web3D Art & Design Retrospective at SIGGRAPH 2010, Dr. Guynup was the Gallery Chair. His students crafted works of 3D virtual poetry and presented them online to gallery guests.


Hayfield Isovista, LCC is more of a personal project than a profit driven business. It's goals are listed on the mission page. With those goals as context, our internships are about art and education within the virtual. For more information on past classes, specifics of past shows, and on Dr. Guynup, visit his site

If you are an academic, blogger, artist, programmer, or business person looking to expand your understanding of the virtual, share your knowledge, or discuss business or partnership opportunies, you are welcome to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Class Space and previous artworks are available and can be explored now, the simplest path is to install VRChat from Steam, explore a few spaces, then come back to the weblinks on the Live Worlds / VRChat Portals page


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