OPEN SLACK - If you (or I) have audio issues ... we'll touch base there. 








Gallery Challenges:

1) Hold ART (present, frame, archive, curate)
... ART is diverse (big 3D immersive worlds - small 2D images, multiple works/worlds, interactive)

2) Design WELL (layers, accessiblity, filenames, smart use of "code", prefabs)
.... ARTISTS will be bad (they may not know, may not stress, may not care - sulk)

3) Social INTERFACE (we borrow design practices from 3D and 2D worlds)
... CREATE a journey, experience
... ENCOURAGE social interaction

4) Be OPTIMAL (polycount, draw calls, occulsion, texture atlas, baked lighting, static)
... TON of things to get right (artists will take all our CPU & GPU cycles)

Learn from the 2014 Gallery - a BIG range of spaces

Floorless & Floored - (flexiblity in holding work)
Green & White - (natural space, abstract space)
Presentation Ring & Island - (archive work, hold big work without leaving the space)
Critical Path - Avoid Deadends - (just like game design, its a journey)






To Add Images & Text (you login / upload / insert)
- Login as Team / Click Edit (HTML editting options emerge)
- Look for the Image Manger Icon (Image icon w/star - next to Film icon)
- Open the CLASS_IMAGES folder / then Upload (grey cloud icon) / Browse or Drag Images in / click Upload (blue button).
     - Then Select the Image and click Insert / Repeat Edit add Text
     - Check the you are not a Robot box and Save (at the bottom of the page)